Vol. 13 No. 2 (2019): Ius Novum

Original article

Zbigniew Kwiatkowski
Right to a court in a democratic state ruled by law
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Robert Tabaszewski
Achieving sustainable development goals in Europa and Asia: the role of regional organizations in monitoring human right to health and well-being
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Marek Mozgawa, Andrzej Wrzyszcz
Criminal-law protection of domestic peace in the territory of Poland
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Jerzy Lachowski
Cumulative legal classification and the statute of limitations
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Anna Golonka
Bank's obligations related to prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing in the light of amended regulations
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Jacek Sobczak
National heritage in the Polish constitutional order
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Robert Gwiazdowski
On taxpayers' reactions to taxation and on tax shift
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Karol Bielski, Przemysław Szustakiewicz
Head of a ward as a person performing a public function in the light of Act on access to public information
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Zbigniew Czarnik
The scope of just compensation for compulsory acquisition of real property ownership
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Tomasz Braun
Impact of differences in legal risk assessment on compliance norms in multinational corporations
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Mirosława Melezini
Implementation of the principle treating deprivation of liberty as ultima ratio in the practice of applying criminal law
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Michał Skwarzyński
Protecting conscientious objection as the "hard core" of human dignity
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