For authors

  1. The quarterly publishes scientific articles devoted to issues within a broad field of law as well as reviews and reports on scholarly life in higher education institutions. Articles are subject to evaluation by two reviewers and their positive opinion is a condition for their publication.
  2. Manuscripts should be submitted in one copy of a standard typescript (30 lines of 60 characters each, i.e. ca. 1,800 characters per page) together with a digital version saved on a data storage device and emailed to:
  3. Footnotes should be placed at the bottom of a page providing the initials of the author’s given name(s), surname, the title (printed in italics), the name of a journal or a publisher, the place of publication (in case of books), the year of publication, and a page number. In case of books with multiple authors, the first name and surname of their editor with additional information: (ed.) shall be provided.
  4. An article should be accompanied by its abstract informing about its aim, methodology, work findings and conclusions. The abstract should not exceed 20 lines of standard typescript. If the abstract contains specialist, scientific or technical terms, their English equivalents should be provided.
  5. An article should not exceed 22 pages of a standard typescript and a review, scientific news or information: 12 pages.
  6. The editor reserves the right to introduce changes in the manuscript submitted for publication, e.g. to shorten it, change the title and subheadings as well as correct the style.
  7. Detailed guidelines for authors are available on Lazarski University Press website: Authors are obliged to provide bibliography.
  8. A manuscript shall contain the author’s full given name and surname, their residence address with the telephone/fax number, their email address, scientific degree or title and the name of the scientific institution the author works for.