Tom 11 Nr 2 (2017): Ius Novum

Oryginalny artykuł naukowy

Igor' Ostapovič, Jacek Zaleśny
On interaction of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation to ensure case law integrity
PDF (English)
Zafiq Xa?lilov
Prospects of regulation of mining activities in the modern space law
PDF (English)
Mirosława Melezini
Mixed penalty: a new penal law response instrument in Polish criminal law
PDF (English)
Blanka Stefańska
Revocation of conditional release in the Polish Executive Penal Code
PDF (English)
Paweł Bachmat, Marek Mozgwa
Crime of persuasion to commit or assistance in the commission of suicide under article 151 CC
PDF (English)
Violetta Konarska-Wrzosek
Invoice-related crimes: their significance, legal classification and place in the system of Polish criminal law
PDF (English)
Maria Rogacka-Rzewnicka
On instability and other deficiencies of law in general and exemplified by Polish criminal procedure law
PDF (English)
Zbigniew Kwiatkowski
Procedural consequences of the violation of common courts' competence in criminal proceedings
PDF (English)
Jerzy Skorupka
Access to detainees' files in the light of Directive 2012/13/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 May 2012 on the right to information in criminal proceedings and under Polish law
PDF (English)
Piotr Sowiński
Development of the institution of court proceedings during the first instance main hearing
PDF (English)
Grażyna Szczygieł
Preparation of convicts to be released from prison under article 164 EPC
PDF (English)
Tomasz Grzegorczyk
A penal ticket for common and fiscal misdemeanours in Polish law and this punishment quashed by court after the amendments of 2013 and 2015
PDF (English)
Stanisław Hoc
New European Union law on protecting European Union classified information
PDF (English)
Magdalena Rycak
Parental leaves as a form of protection of family life under the labour law in Poland and selected European Union member states
PDF (English)