Tom 8 Nr 2 (2014): Ius Novum
Ius Novum

Oryginalny artykuł naukowy

Maria Kruk
Polish constitutional court: to change or not change?: a few reflections on the new Constitutional Tribunal Bill
PDF (English)
Zbigniew Czarnik
Constitutional and legal aspects of the principle of double-instance administrative proceeding
PDF (English)
Marek Mozgawa, Katarzyna Nazar-Gutowska
Scope of the concept of a criminal threat in accordance with article 115 § 12 of the Criminal Code
PDF (English)
Zbigniew Kwiatkowski
Court competence in criminal trials in the event of transferring a case to a court of the same level due to trial economics: (article 36 of the CPC)
PDF (English)
Ryszard Stefański
Withdrawal of the indictment by public sector
PDF (English)
Maciej Rogalski
The period of retention of telecommunications data which must be disclosed at the request of the court or the prosecutor in connection with pending criminal proceedings
PDF (English)
Hans Ephraimson-Abt, Anna Konert
Swissair 111 crash – crisis management cooperation where there is no contingency plan
PDF (English)
Jacek Kosonoga
Reproach for evident contempt of regulations in the criminal proceeding
PDF (English)
Tomasz Kalisz
Substantive prerequisites of conditional release
PDF (English)
Adam Olejniczak
Protection against the frustration of the right of first refusal: Article 600 par. 1 of the Civil Code
PDF (English)
Krzysztof Ślebzak
Determination of the legislation applicable and the principle of being subject to the legislation of a single member state: selected issues
PDF (English)
Mateusz Dróżdż
Security of sports events in Poland: polish act on mass events security
PDF (English)
Jerzy Skorupka
On the substantial and formal aspects of the concept of a party
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