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Licence to publish in the quarterly „Ius Novum”

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  1. License
    LicencjaThe non-commercial use of the article will be governed by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license as currently displayed on that sections 2  through 8  below will apply in this respect and prevail over all conflicting provisions of such license model. Without prejudice to the foregoing, the author hereby grants the journal owner the exclusive license for commercial and non-commercial use of the article (for U.S. government employees: to the extent transferable) for an indefinite period of time according to section 2 below, and sections 4 through 9 below, throughout the world, in any form, in any language, for the full term of copyright, effective upon acceptance for publication.
  2. Author’s warranties
    The author warrants that the article is original, written by stated author/s, has not been published before, contains no unlawful statements, does not infringe the rights of others, is subject to copyright that is vested exclusively in the author and free of any third party rights, and that any necessary written permissions to quote from other sources have been obtained by the author/s.
  3. Rights of authors
    Authors retain the following rights:
    1. copyright, and other proprietary rights relating to the article, such as patent rights,
    2. the right to use the substance of the article in future own works, including lectures and books,
    3. hhe right to reproduce the article for own purposes, provided the copies are not offered for sale,
    4. the right to self-archive the article.
  4. Co-authorship
    If the article was prepared jointly with other authors, the signatory of this form warrants that he/she has been authorized by all co-authors to grant the journal owner the license according to the terms of this agreement, and that he/she is fully authorized to sign as well as dissolve or withdraw from this agreement on behalf of all co-authors.
  5. Termination
    This agreement can be terminated by the author or the journal owner upon two months’ notice where the other party has materially breached this agreement and failed to remedy such breach within a month of being given the terminating party’s notice requesting such breach to be remedied. No breach or violation of this agreement will cause this agreement or any license granted in it to terminate automatically or affect the definition of the journal owner. After the lapse of forty (40) years of the date of this agreement, this agreement can be terminated without cause by the author or the journal owner upon two years’ notice. The author and the journal owner may agree to terminate this agreement at any time. This agreement or any license granted in it cannot be terminated otherwise than in accordance with this section 6.
  6. Royalties
    This agreement entitles the author to no royalties or other fees. To such extent as legally permissible, the author waives his or her right to collect royalties relative to the article in respect of any use of the article by the journal owner or its sublicensee.
  7. Scope of the license
    The exclusive right and license granted under this agreement to the journal owner for commercial use is as follows:
    1. to prepare, reproduce, manufacture, publish, distribute, exhibit, advertise, promote, license and sub-license printed and electronic copies of the article, through the Internet and other means of data transmission now known or later to be developed; the foregoing will include abstracts, bibliographic information, illustrations, pictures, indexes and subject headings and other proprietary materials contained in the article;
    2. to exercise, license, and sub-license others to exercise subsidiary and other rights in the article, including the right to photocopy, scan or reproduce copies thereof, to reproduce excerpts from the article in other works, and to reproduce copies of the article as part of compilations with other works, including collections of materials made for use in classes for instructional purposes, customized works, electronic databases, document delivery, and other information services, and publish, distribute, exhibit and license the same.
    Where this agreement refers to a license granted to the journal owner in this agreement as exclusive, the author commits not only to refrain from granting such license to a third party but also to refrain from exercising the right that is the subject of such license otherwise than by performing this agreement. The journal owner will be entitled to enforce in respect of third parties, to such extent as permitted by law, the rights licensed to it under this agreement. If the article was written in the course of employment by the US or UK Government, and/or arises from NIH funding, please consult the journal owner for further instructions.
  8. Miscellaneous
    The journal editorial staff may conform the article to a style of punctuation, spelling, capitalization and usage that it deems appropriate. The author acknowledges that the article may be published so that it will be publicly accessible and such access will be free of charge for the readers. This agreement will be governed by the laws of Poland.