Editorial board

Editorial board

Redaktor Naczelny: prof. dr hab. Ryszard A. Stefański, Uczelnia Łazarskiego w Warszawie
Sekretarz: dr hab. Jacek Kosonoga, prof. Uczelni Łazarskiego w Warszawie


prof. dr Juan Carlos Ferré Olivé, Dziekan Wydziału Prawa Uniwersytetu w Huelva (Hiszpania)
prof. dr Carmen Armendáriz León, Wydział Prawa Uniwersytetu Complutense w Madrycie (Hiszpania)

Linguistic Editors

Natallia Artsiomenka – język białoruski,
Anna Sorówka-Łach – język angielski,
Martin Dahl – język niemiecki,
Maria Furman – język polski,
Elwira Stefańska – język rosyjski,
Jadwiga Ziębowicz – język francuski

Thematic Editors

prawo karne i postępowanie – dr hab. Barbara Nita-Światłowska, prof. Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Krakowie
prawo cywilne – dr Helena Ciepła
prawo administracyjne – prof. dr hab. Stanisław Hoc
prawo konstytucyjne – dr hab. Jacek Zaleśny
prawo międzynarodowe – dr Dominika Harasimiuk statystyka – dr Krystyna Bąk

Executive Editor

dr Jacek Dąbrowski

Standards for editors

Decision on publication
The Editor-in-Chief must obey laws on libel, copyright and plagiarism in their jurisdictions and is responsible for the decisions which of the submitted articles should be published. The Editor may consult with the Associate Editors and/or reviewers in making publication decisions. If necessary, the Advisory Board’s opinion is also taken into consideration. The decision to publish an article may be constrained by the risk of potential libel, copyright or other intellectual property infringement, plagiarism or self-plagiarism and doubts concerning authorship or co-authorship, i.e. the so-called ghost and guest authorship. 

No member of the Editorial Board is entitled to reveal information on a submitted work to any person other than the one authorised to be informed in the course of the editorial procedure, its author, reviewers, potential reviewers, editorial advisors or the Publisher. The Editor does not provide authors with the information about reviewers and vice versa.

Conflict of interests and its disclosure
Unpublished articles or their fragments cannot be used in the Editorial Board staff’s or reviewers’ own research without an author’s explicit consent in writing. The Editor does not appoint reviewers who are authors’. subordinates or are in other direct personal relationships (if the Editor knows about them).

In order to prevent discrimination, the Editor complies with the principles of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and the law in force in Poland.